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The International Society of Pediatric Dermatology (ISPD) is a world wide, non-profit, scientifc organization formed by professionals interested in promoting Pediatric Dermatology. It is aimed to carry out collaborative efforts to improve Pediatric Dermatology for the general health of infants and adolescents. The ISPD will promote the development of Pediatric Dermatology through clinical practice, research, teaching, conferences, courses, meetings, publications and consultation. The ISPD is also aimed to promote human and scientific relations with other scientific groups and societies having goals similar to those of the ISPD, as well as the formation of national societies of Pediatric Dermatology.


The ISPD was originally born by inspiration of the following persons: Martin Beare (Northern Ireland), Armando Franco (Mexico), Ferdinando Gianotti (Italy), Joan E. Hodgman (U.S.A.), Coleman Jacobson (U.S.A.), Guinter Khan (U.S.A.), Andrew M. Margileth (U.S.A.), Edmund J. Moynahan (England), Dagoberto O. Pierini (Argentina), Ramón Ruiz-Maldonado (Mexico), Lawrence M. Solomon (U.S.A.), Eva Torök (Hungary), and Kazuya Yamamoto (Japan). The above met in Mexico City on October 18t, 1973, on the occasion of the First International Symposium on Pediatric Dermatology.


Since then, 12 World Congresses of Pediatric Dermatology have been celebrated. During the last one, held in Madrid in September 2013, it was decided to launch a new website as the main meeting point for all members of the ISPD.


The Executive Board is composed by Dr. Antonio Torrelo, Spain (President), Dr. Carlo Gelmetti, Italy (Secretary), Dr. Jean-François Stalder, France (Treasurer), Dr. Linda De Raeve, Belgium (Voice), Dr. Chulabhorn Pruksachatkun, Thailand (Voice, Past President), and Dr. Adrián M. Pierini, Argenitna (Voice). Sadly, Dr. Adrián Pierini passed away last year, but his spirit and enthusiasm remain with us.



                  Antonio Torrelo                                            Carlo Gelmetti                                  Jean-François Stalder          


                       Linda De Raeve                                   Chulabhorn Pruksachatkun                              Adrián Pierini


An international Advisory Board is composed by five members from each continent. This international Advosory Board is composed by: Amy Paller (USA), Carola Durán (Mexico), Margarita Larralde (Argentina), Bernardo Gontijo (Brazil), Ilona Frieden (USA), Christine Bodemer (France), Daniel Hohl (Switzerland), Regina Fölster-Holst (Germany), Talia Kakourou (Greece), Veronica Kinsler (UK), Gail Todd (SouthAfrica), Monia Kharfi (Tunisia), Adebola Ogunbiyi (Nigeria), Didi Motsepe (Botswana), Kassahun Desalegn Bilcha (Ethiopia), Dedee Murrell (Australia). Arti Nanda (Kuwait), Amrinderjit Kanwar (India), Lin Ma (China), and Misayuki Amagai (Japan)



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